Navigating Our System

As come into the Library, you’ll be greeted by the Sun. You can find the different planets of our Solar System and be stunned by the sheer distance between the planets. Here’s a quick guide to how many miles we’re talking about!

1 (small) step = 8,000,000 miles

1 AU (Astronomical Unit) = 93,000,000 miles.

1 AU = Distance from Earth to Sun.

Voyager 2 (launched 1977, seen Neptune) from Earth = 120 AU

Your Solar System

Space is vast and empty, and our Solar System is no different. Check out a web developer’s creation of our solar system to scale. If the moon is only a pixel big (the tiny dots that make up the screen you’re reading this on), then it gives you a good idea how vast and empty our solar system really is.

Click here and scroll right!